Travelling to Norway, How To Successfully Rent A Car

Norway is not just another European country, It is one of the three Scandinavian countries and renowned for its breath taking natural beauty. Do you know that Norway has a coastline measuring 63000 miles if Fjords and bays are taken into consideration? To be able to explore such a huge landmass, you must have a car to cover the distances quickly and swiftly. Otherwise you will be forced to skip many beautiful tourist attractions of Norway.

Norway is a country that is famous for its breathtakingly beautiful Fjords. These are wonders of nature that have been declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. A Fjord is as dramatic as it is picturesque. You see glacial valleys surrounded by mountains and waterfalls in Fjords to feel in awe of Mother Nature. There are not one but many Fjords in Norway that take you from one part of the country to another. Hardangerfjord is known for its wonderful mountain life while Aurlandsfjord is famous for the views it provides to the tourists.

But Norway is not just about Fjords as it has much more on offer to the tourists who pour in large numbers all-round the year to escape from the monotony of their cities. Oslo is the capital of Norway and it is also the most thickly populated city of the country. It is also one of the most beautiful cities of Norway.

Bergen is the 2nd largest city of Norway and also a popular tourist attraction. The best way to travel Norway is to take a train journey from Oslo to Bergen. This 308 mile train journey will be the most satisfying train journey of your life as you get a chance to see the beautiful and mesmerizing views of the landscape from the window of the train.

Accommodation is  not cheap in Norway. You can expect a single room in a hotel for 1000 or more NOK per night.  In comparison, it is better to live in a hostel room where the charges are 250-500 NOK per night per person. Meals are also expensive and so it is a good idea to have your meals at roadside vendors to save on your money.

Stavanger is the third most populous city of Norway. It was once labelled as a the cultural capital of Europe and it still boasts of many museums and venue of cultural events all-round the year. Stavanger is today known as oil city because of the fact that huge oil reserves were discovered offshore in this city in 1969. Roam on the streets, especially Ovre Street where you see most colourful houses you have ever seen. Stavanger combines old world charm with modern amenities as you can still see some of the oldest and also the most beautiful wooden houses in the heart of the city.

Visit various museums in Stavanger to have a gala time if you are a lover of art and culture. One reliable source for your Rented car in stavanger is Book your car and make it easier and more comfortbale for you in Norway.

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