Top Places To Visit While You Plan To Travel In Africa

When it comes to travel Africa, you can enjoy various attractive places and national parks which have unique and zany creatures. Let’s know about must visit places in Africa.

Cape Town

Cape Town is stunning, stylish and sporting place to visit. It is a Mother City unlike other cities of Africa, separated from rest of the continents and surrounded by the beautiful mountains. Those who have plan traveling to Africa to enjoy a sporting visit; Cape Town is one of the best place for that.


Cairo is locating in Egypt, with its sheer size, desert heat and noisy streets will leave a culture shock for travelers. Don’t get distress from these street vendors, get a cup of tea and relax while wandering the ancient streets You will love to watch sun lower over the Nile River.


A holy city for three western religions: Judaism, Islam and Christianity. Here you will find various worship places and let you feel out of this world. You can hear continuous voice of prayers and bells which can leave a soothing experience from stressed life. Visit this place if you want to know about religions closely.

Serengeti National Park

South Africa is also known as home for less famous wild animals and birds. So, it would be great to know about these uncanny creatures of South Africa.


This is a marine creature which looks like manatee, but these are only found in salt water. The Dugong has a life time up to 70 years, as they are slow to reproduce and thus, treated as a vulnerable species. It’s also said this specie was the seed of motivation for fabled mermaid.

Lilac- Breasted Roller

Lilac Breasted roller is actually the national bid of Botswana and Kenya. This beautiful bird has brilliant and alternating pastel colors on its body. If you want to look this bird, you would need to check out the top of trees . Usually they are seen swooping down small rodents, insects, scorpions and lizards. You don’t need to wait for long to see this attractive creature during safari, as they widely distributed throughout the national parks.


This specie is found in large numbers in South Africa and Eastern Africa. The male Kudo carries charming twisted antlers of several feet. These antlers are a blessing, which helps them fight against predators. Kudo’s are seen to be declining in recent years because of poachers, but still you can see Kudo easily in South Africa safari.

Long-tailed Widowbird

This bird is renowned for its long tail in the national park and can be easily found because of large in numbers. The male widowbird possess 20” long tail which helps it trail during flight. You should keep this bird in your list of safari.


Gemsbok is a large antelope which can be seen roaming in the wild areas of national park. It is actually a desert dweller, so they can survive without water for long period of time. They are blessed with long straight thorns which help in keeping them safe from unsavory lion.  They look like cartoon specie which makes them attractive for safari-goers.

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