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There are two cities in the USA, which are called Portland. Both of them differ from each other just like Eastern coast of the USA differs from its Western neighbor. Going to Portland (Oregon), you will notice that it is big and green American city – busy, modern and emotional mega police. Portlanders are proud of their above-ground subway and city nick-names, famous all over the world: The city of rouses, Beer Paradise, Little Beirut, the city of English football and others.


Portland got the title of the city with the best street food last year. There are many restaurants here, more than 600 quick-service restaurants and street snack-bars. All these food establishments are high-leveled: sanitary norms and rules should be kept regularly; all dishes are tasty and not plain. Tourists have a chance to participate in one of different thematic gastronomic tours with degustation.

Elephants Delicatessen

This is an amazing place! All food is fresh and based on customer preferences. Choose something you like: soups, hot bar with mac and cheese, pizza, Burger King Bar, cafe, bakery or cold dishes – salads, fruits and cold pasta. Factually, Portlanders are proud of having such restaurants, in the manner of grocery shop. By the way, there are always crowds of hungry people in peak-hour here. So, you should fight for your place!


Seasons & Regions Seafood Grill

Portland is famous of its tasty food. Seasons & Regions is one of the popular city restaurants. You can find everything here: hot meals, cold and cool dishes, including salmon, burgers and fried oysters. Obviously, the restaurant is overcrowded on Sunday night. The service and food are high quality. There are many tasty dishes, which are included in special proposals to have lunch for a wise price – 7.95 – 9.95USD.
You should try pork burrito, fried chicken with sauce and Dovorian flatfish with parmesan. Take a seat in the hot dining room or opened terrace – all food is equally tasty.

BridgePort BrewPub & Bakery

BridgePort is original Portland bar. The food is tasty, so the drinks. You should try Spicy Verde – really tasty thing for hot lovers. As far as this bar-restaurant is very popular, it is always noisy and crowded here. Looking for a good place for your late dinner – welcome to PridgePort! There is always an opportunity to take a seat outdoors.
You can rest, eat and work here. There is nothing to inspire you more than friendly atmosphere, hot coffee and city views.

Sake Japanese and Thai Cuisine

This is a little nice family restaurant. The food is enjoyable and home-cooking. There are many original meals for vegetarians. Speaking about prices, they are more than enough. Anyway, the choice of drinks is wide, as everywhere in Portland. It is surprising for such little space like this. You can try Japanese and Thai tap beer. The restaurant is situated next to Westin Hotel – it is difficult to find vacant seat in peak-hours.


This is amazing, but simple place of all food and ice-cream. You can try Nana rogue, tomato soup with fried cheese sandwiches, banana split, chocolate sweets and fruit ice-cream. The food is tasty, so the chocolate milk cocktail. There is a parking place to make your trip easier. The restaurant takes up minimum space, so be attentive for not to miss it, waking down the crowded street.


Dan and Louis Oyster Bar

This is a place, where locals like gather together, talking and drinking. As a rule, the food that you can try here became popular all over the city. Delicious seafood looks tasty. Oyster bar is at your full disposal: oysters and fish chips are worth mentioning. Special restaurant offer for visitors is sea cow, specially prepared. The other words, cookery is tasty, so the atmosphere.

Ozzies Deli & Gyros

This place is a good example of successful family business and friendly service. Frankly speaking, this is the first place in the city, where you can sit for a while and drink with your friends at night. Visiting this restaurant in the daytime you can enjoy the cup of fresh home-made lentils soup, majadra and roast meat with cucumbers. It is the right place to have a snack after the shopping tour – everybody knows that there is nothing more exhausting than shopping in sales season.


Perhaps, 10 various fried sandwiches, 5 kinds of soup, salads and other food will impress you. Anyway, Supa is a place of sandwiches, soup and hungry people during the day. You can meet here mothers with their kids to taste some fresh and healthy food. Mushrooms soup is amazing. Cabbage, beans, sausages are also tasty. There are many vegetarian dishes to satisfy everyone’s needs. Walking the city, leave some space for sandwiches!

Pho Dalat SE

If you like eating noodles, you can try them here – they are top-quality. The big portions, garnish, sauce is in a right proportion. This place is a high-quality sample of a small family restaurant. Excellent service, heavy meals, and the wide choice of salads – welcome to Pho Dalat SE.

Don’t forget

Being in Portland, don’t forget to:
Visit the International Rose Test Garden and other Rosy Gardens in Portland. The climate of the city is suitable for flower production.

Go for a spin in the city trams: fast MAX, traditional tram Streetcar, or air rope tram. It is too much joyful to ride a real old engine, still operating in the city. ре города. There is one big transport problem in Portland – there are many buses and trams in the center, but there are one or two transport routes in the provinces. Hiring a car is the right variant for people, who want to travel with comfort, without checking city transport schedule. Free city travelling, unexpected adventures, city sights, meal pauses – as the saying goes, all inclusive, travelling by car.

Find Voodoo Doughnuts – stamping ground for all candy-people, famous all over the USA. There are many doughnuts of various forms, sizes and filling. Have you ever tried doughnuts with bacon or fish? – Come and try, everything is possible in Portland!

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