Things to Do in Dubai Desert Safari

Desert safari is very different from regular safari. In Dubai Desert safari is more adventurous and thrilling. There are tons of things you can do and experience in a desert safari. Going to a desert safari tour can be interesting if you do these following things.

Dubai Desert Safari

Dune Bashing

Have you ever wanted to roll on a mountain? The joy of rolling and sliding on a mountain can only be imagined. You don’t have to personally slide on a mountain during a desert safari tour but your vehicle will do it for you. You will experience drifting on the sand of the desert. This is the first thing you should do on a desert safari tour.

Camel Ride

As the sun is about to set, camel riding is the best thing you should do. Riding a camel and watching the sunset would be a unique sight that you would never ever have witnessed before. The ups and downs you face being on a camel is one of the most fantastic memory you would make on this tour.

Camel Ride


When the sun sets and night takes over, begins the real fun of Dubai desert safari. You can eat fresh and hot barbecue food in the midst of the desert while sitting around the fire. The sound of meat being roasted echoes in the desert and feels nice to the ears.

Belly Dancing

Dubai desert safari gives you the opportunity to enjoy belly dancing live at its best. Belly dancing has made desert safari more exciting. The dance of the beautiful dancers on the mesmerizing beats of Arabian music is all you need to see at the desert safari.

Belly Dancing

These are 4 best things to do in Dubai desert safari. By doing these things, you will have the best experience of desert safari. There are different companies offering tours for desert safari. You can also book a tour for you and your family online. One of the best companies is You can also book an online desert safari with to witness the magic that unfolds in the desert of Dubai.

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