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One of the things that you need to consider when travelling to Rome is finding a good place where you can stay while in the Eternal City. With all the interesting spots in Rome and the number of accommodation options, finding a place to stay can be both easy and tricky. When choosing an accommodation, you need to take consideration a few things like your preference, budget, time and of course your interest.

If you are visiting Rome for a shorter period of time, say just a day or two, you need to stay at a place near the primary tourists attractions. With this, staying in hotels nearby the Colosseum is a good choice. The Colloseum is situated at the very heart of the historic center of Rome. It lies in the centermost part of the city where many of the primary tourist destinations are just a short walk away from each other. Surrounding the Colosseum are different hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues, shopping stores, museums and sightseeing spots.

What is the Colosseum?

The Colosseum is the main landmark of Rome and one of the must see sightseeing spots as well specially for first time visitors. It was erected in the 72 AD during the reign of Emperor Vespasian. The construction of the whole structure was then completed in 80 AD by the emperor’s son Titus.

The Colosseum, also known as Amphitheatrum Flavium, is said to be the greatest architectural and engineering work of the Roman Empire. It is also considered as the largest structure ever built in Rome and also the largest stadium in the whole world. It is a very large ancient amphitheater that was capable of accommodating 50,000 to 80,000 people at a single setting.

The Colosseum was marked as the major entertainment and political arena in Rome. In 404 AD, during the time of Emperor Honorius, it was used to host bloody gladiator games where fighters fought for their lives and battled against fellow warriors and against mammoth animals.

The Colosseum is a four-story building with more than 80 entrance points. The upper portion was structured with seats for the audiences and visitors classified according to their social status quo. Below the stadium ground were hundreds of chambers where cages for wild animals were kept and gladiators were readied for their fights. There were also chambers intended for the storage of mechanical devices and other valuable tools used for entertainment and maintenance.

Museums, points of interest and ancient must see structures around the Colosseum

Many of the interesting museums and ancient structures located at the central part of the Eternal City are just a stroll away from each other. With this, it is very much possible to visit one place to another just by feet. This is why picking hotels near Colosseum as your base is an excellent idea. To give you a quick glimpse of what to expect when at the center of the historic center, here are some interesting tourist attractions you can as well include in your tour itinerary.

Rione Monti district

The Rione Monti district is located just north of the amphitheater. It is like a village type section of Rome where you can find a wide selection of oriental restaurant and small cafes. This place is also good for an enjoyable night out as there are quite a few bars located within the district’s premises. If you want to stay near the Colosseum but you want to stick to your budget, you can find rather smaller yet cozy establishments around the area. You can choice from reasonably priced small and boutique hotels to bed and breakfast accommodations.

Roman Forum

The Roman Forum is situated just alongside the Colosseum. It is one among the sought after ruins in Rome which was originally used as the city’s main marketplace. The Forum is now enclosed with the ruins of some significant government buildings of ancient times.


The Pantheon is located just west of the historic center. It is a very classic place to find good restaurants and a very soothing place for evening stroll as well. It is among the most-preserved ancient structures in Rome and was once utilized as a Roman Catholic Church. It is also known as Santa Maria Rotonda and can be seen at the frontal area of Piazza della Rotonda.

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