History Of Rugby In Italy

When it comes to sport, Italy is known for its football more than anything. But rugby is also popular in the country – and it is becoming more so over time.

Italy has been playing in the Six Nations rugby tournament since 2000, and although it has not won yet, it has been involved in some memorable matches.

Here is a quick history of Italian rugby that you may want to read if you are planning a trip there to see the rugby in 2017.

From the 1920s to the present

The national team is called the Azzurri, and it has been playing internationally since 1929. It has long been one of the best European teams, although there is still some distance between Italy and the major teams like England and Wales.

In 1987, Italy played New Zealand in the first ever Rugby World Cup match. It lost 70-6, but it became a stronger team in the 1990s as it developed.

More about the history of Italian rugby can be found at this Wikipedia page.

Italy enters the Six Nations

Until Italy entered the tournament, it was known as the Five Nations. Italy joined in 2000, and it has yet to win the tournament. However, it has come fourth before in 2007 and 2013, and in 2015 it beat Scotland in their match and came fifth in the tournament.

Italy has enjoyed some memorable wins over the last decade. It beat France in 2011 and in 2013, and it beat Ireland in 2013.

Italy and Wales

Italy and Wales have a history stretching back many years. They first played in October 1994 at the National Stadium in Cardiff, where Wales won the match.

Italy picked up their first win against Wales in the Six Nations in February 2003 with a score of 30-22. This was a memorable win for Italy, which also won in the 2007 Six Nations in Rome. This was again a close match, with a final score of 23-20.

Watch Italy and Wales in 2017

The Italy v Wales 2017 match will be played in Rome on February 5th, 2017. Head to the Stadio Olimpico and enjoy a fantastic atmosphere, and the city will be buzzing.

You can book your ticket through an agency that can also sort your travel and accommodation arrangements. You may even want to see some more of the country, and a multi-centre travel agency can help you here as well.

Make a holiday out of it

If you want to visit Italy to see the match between Italy and Wales at the 2016 Six Nations, why not make a holiday out of it?

Italy is a beautiful country with plenty to see. It is normally thought of as a summer destination, but the winter is also a great time to visit. There are fewer crowds, prices are cheaper for accommodation and entry to the main attractions, and you can enjoy a fantastic holiday whether you stay in Rome or visit elsewhere in the country.

So start planning your holiday for 2017 and enjoy a fantastic time in Italy.

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