Have a Great Time in Middle East Luxury Resorts 

The world has so many places for you to see for your eyes to explore for your mind to learn new things. The world is filled with places where you can take your family and have a great time and at the same time relax. One of those places included Middle East. Not only beautiful but if you go there you will have a luxurious experience there that you won’t ever be able to forget! So why not book a ticket? No? Still not convinced? Don’t worry let me share some of the Middle East luxury resorts and once you know them you will be booking the ticket immediately.

One of the luxury resorts of Middle East include the Emirates palace which is situated in Abu Dhabi! It will offer you the best of every single thing. It has more than 200 rooms filled with beautiful furniture. From the sofas to the beds to more than 1000 chandeliers in every corner of the resort, your eyes won’t stop staring! Your camera won’t stop clicking. From the service there to the food everything is top class!

Another beautiful Middle East luxury resort is Burj al Arab which is in Dubai! The best thing about this resort is that it is built on a private island! Its lobby is the tallest among all the resorts in the world. If you want to go around and visit places the resort offers its special car service which include the most expensive cars in the world such as Lamborghinis and Ferraris! They give their own iPad to people who stay there. How luxury can hotels get? Every floor has its own butler has its own staff so you get special treatment. You will feel like a king and queen of your own room!

Then there is one and only Royal Mirage which is in Dubai! If only you and your partner are going to Middle East to get a luxury treatment then this resort is the best! You have your own private beach your own pool where you can enjoy and stay away from the interruptions. No unknown people, no sharing of food or of the pool. You and your partner alone get the privilege of having the best time of your life. they offer their own Spa so you can actually relax!

There is Palace port Ghalib as well where you can have the best time ever! They offer so many things to you that you won’t have time to even sleep. From tennis courts to children’s playground to spa treatments to horse riding to sauna this place has everything! You get to enjoy, go crazy and get to relax at the same time. How amazing is that? They make sure you get the luxury treatment that you deserve! So I suggest you go online and book your seats in one of these Middle East luxury resorts because you will have the best time of your life!

Kathryn Tardif

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