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Norway is a beautiful Scandinavian country that is renowned for its natural scenic beauty, especially the fjords. It receives lots of tourists every year who come here to witness the breath taking beauty of the landscapes of Norway. Although the country has public transport system that consists of train and bus, you are better off hiring the services of a good car rental company when in Norway. This is because Norway is a very large landmass and also boasts of a very long coastline. Having a car by your side is the best way to cover distances between places where you have to go.

There are many rent a car stavanger companies offering their services to the tourists and also the local people. If it is your desire to get a top condition car of your choice and that too at very low rate, then the best option for you is Flyttom. It is a car rental company in Norway that is already the first choice of the vast majority of customers. Now you can also get special discounts on rent a car Norway from the website of this company. It is hard to believe but it is true and you can now avail cars on very low rentals from this company to move across different cities of Norway.

Flyttom is a car rental company that is known for its large fleet of good looking and well maintained cars. You name it and they have it. Their large fleet contains cars made by Honda, Toyota, BMW, Ford, Volkswagen, Chevrolet, Audi, and many more. You can get a small and compact family car to save on your fuel and you can also get a large SUV with off road capabilities to move swiftly on the difficult terrain across Norway. All cars maintained by the company are serviced regularly and given to customers in top running condition. You can rest assured that the car you are hiring from the company will not develop a snag to leave you stranded by the side of the road. However, even if this happens, the company sends help within a few minutes and also sends a replacement car for the customer.

well maintained cars

It is not just the car or its condition that matters the most to the customers. They are equally concerned with the quality of service of the car rental company. This is where scores heavily against its competitors. Booking a car for use in Norway from the website of the company is child’s play. If the customer has any problem or query, the staff of Flyttom is always available on phone. You can also ask for the best tariff plan that suits your requirements during your stay in the county.

Flyttom is one car rental company in Norway that keeps customers above everything else. Their motto is to provide the best quality services at down to earth prices. You can get special discounts on rent a car Norway from them to make it very inexpensive to move across the country.

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