Enjoy Indonesian Culture Showbiz at Galeri Indonesia Kaya

If culture, especially the Indonesian culture, is something you love, visiting a place that shows you the Indonesian culture in an awesome way is something you have to do. Of course, there is a place that perfectly meets the description of a place showing you the Indonesian culture in an awesome way. The place is called Galeri Indonesia Kaya and it is located in Jakarta. This place is undeniably one you have to visit if you want to visit Jakarta and you want to see something related to the Indonesian culture in the city. Note these awesome things about Galeri Indonesia Kaya to know what the place has in store.

Galeri Indonesia Kaya and Stunning Things about the Gallery

Displaying various awesome things related to the Indonesian culture using digital technology, Galeri Indonesia Kaya is undeniably one of the best places culture lovers can visit in Jakarta. The gallery displays traditional culture in a modern way and this is unquestionably interesting. The gallery has various parts including one called Selaras Pakaian Adat. This is a part where visitors can take pictures wearing digital traditional clothes from various parts of Indonesia.

Galeri Indonesia Kaya

The next part of this gallery is Kaca Pintar Indonesia. This is where visitors can take a peek at a collection of Indonesian cultural objects ranging from the arts to traditions and more. All of those cultural objects are displayed on a touch screen. There is also a part called Ceria Anak Indonesia where visitors can play a traditional game called Congklak. The gallery also has an area called Selasar Santai where visitors can relax and enjoy what the gallery offers. Selasar Santai offers 10 tablets visitors spending time there are allowed to freely use. There is also an area named Area Cinderamata, where various souvenirs are being displayed for visitors to see.

Awesome Spots in Galeri Indonesia Kaya

There are awesome spots in Galeri Indonesia Kaya and Arungi Indonesia is one of them. Arungi Indonesia is an area where visitors can enjoy a sensation of flying on the Indonesian sky and seeing various important objects the country has. The next awesome spot is one named Area Peraga. This area is where craftsmen demonstrate the production of various Indonesian crafts for visitors to see. Another awesome spot to note is Jelajah Indonesia. Offering a touch screen offering knowledge on various things related to the Indonesian culture seen from various aspects including the cultures’ origins, the habitual aspects, the geographical aspects, and more.

Galeri Indonesia Kaya 2

Melodi Alunan Daerah is also another awesome spot this gallery offers. The spot offers digital traditional musical instruments from various parts of Indonesia. Visitors are allowed to play those digital musical instruments. Aside from offering culture related areas, this gallery also offers an auditorium accommodating 150 people. Moving LED lights decorate the auditorium and help give it a comforting atmosphere. Visit Grand Indonesia if you are a culture lover who plans on having holidays in Jakarta and you are interested in visiting this gallery and enjoy everything it has to offer to visitors.

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