What to Consider if you’re thinking about Renting a Car

When it comes to renting a car, many people see it as a lot of hassle. There seem to be lots of paperwork, variables and with so many choices available, somewhat overwhelming. But actually the process these days isn’t painful and being informed ahead of time certainly helps.

In most cases the most evident thing to consider when thinking of renting a car is the price. The majority of car rental agencies will offer daily and weekly rates, and mileage can usually be included or a separate charge. Some companies offer a fixed number of free miles, after which a mileage fee is charged.


It’s best to consider what kind of driving you will be doing and then figure out what kind of car is for you. Most rental agencies offer a range of models from economy, compact, mid-sized, RV vehicles and luxury cars, and the rental rates will differ depending on your choice.  If you are only renting a car for a short while or to use while your own vehicle is being repaired, you should probably choose to rent a compact or economy vehicle to save some money. If you are going to be taking a long trip, you may be more comfortable in a larger vehicle or an RV.

Having once determined what type of car that you want to rent and the best type of rate, you can now go online and check the rates of different car rental agencies. Renowned Auckland car rental agencies have interactive websites, and all the information that you will ever need to smoothly obtain the car which you wish to rent.

Licenses and Paperwork

When renting a car, be prepared to show your driver’s license and make sure that it is up to date. Also, that goes for anybody else who might be driving.  

Once you have gone over your options and booked your vehicle, there are a few things to remember when picking up your car. Don’t forget to bring the confirmation number from the transaction, your license, and credit card. After all the paperwork has been concluded, make sure to carefully read the contract. Once signed, you are then obligated to its terms. When you receive your car, check that the mileage matches exactly what is printed on the contract and check the car and note any damage.

Later on

When your journey has finished and you want to return the vehicle, ensure to bring it back within the allocated time frame. Usually you are given an hour over the time limit to return the car before any extra charges are added, but note that after that, you will be charged on an hourly rate.

Simply put, renting a car isn’t anything near a difficult experience. With some simple pre-planning and thought you can be certain of getting a great deal and avoiding any hassles. Drive safely now.

Kathryn Tardif

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