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Backpacking Break

Thinking About A Backpacking Break? Here Are Some Travel Tips

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There is nothing that shouts adventure like a backpacking trip. Putting a backpack on and heading out exploring is a popular choice for both young and not so young, alike. If this is your idea of a good holiday, check out these tips to help you get the most out of your break. Purchase a comfortable backpack It goes without saying that you need to get yourself a comfortable backpack…


TOP 9 Restaurants In Portland

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There are two cities in the USA, which are called Portland. Both of them differ from each other just like Eastern coast of the USA differs from its Western neighbor. Going to Portland (Oregon), you will notice that it is big and green American city – busy, modern and emotional mega police. Portlanders are proud of their above-ground subway and city nick-names, famous all over the world: The city of…

Top Places to Visit in Malaysia for Nature Lovers

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Malaysian journey starts from its modern mega polis – Kuala Lumpur. It is the first part of trip, which you are going to explore the city from morning until the sun goes down. So get your comfortable shoes ready. There is so much to see. Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur One of the most popular attractions in the capital is the world’s highest twin towers Petronas Twin Towers. Be…

Car Rental Antalya

Economic Car Rental Antalya

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Whether for business or pleasure, several factors influence your traveling plans. Renting a vehicle is one of those factors involved with all travel excursions. When choosing the best vehicle for you, the price is always the first aspect of thought. However, with the introduction of fuel economy cars Antalya, environmentally aware driver now have more options than ever to consider.Antalya located along the beautiful coast of Turkey is one of the…

Tea picker in a tea plantation in the 'tea country' of Sri Lanka, Asia, by documentary travel photographer Matthew Williams-Ellis

Discover The Best Of Sri Lanka

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The newest hotspot for tourists which is a small island in the Indian Ocean is Sri Lanka. After the ending of the thirty years of civil war, travelers just can’t wait to get going to the beautiful island of Sri Lanka. The hospitable and friendly people of Sri Lanka, in their turn, with ‘Ayobowan’ on their lips and hands folded are ready to welcome you and make your holiday the…


Top 4 Places to Visit This Fall

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Going on a trip is surely fun but deciding on the trip can be a real challenge. But not anymore as this article is going to put some light in the areas and will make your task easier. Here are some of the exotic destinations that you might take a look into prior to any decision. New Zealand There are two parts in the islands of New Zealand and each…