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Indonesia Kaya

Enjoy Indonesian Culture Showbiz at Galeri Indonesia Kaya

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If culture, especially the Indonesian culture, is something you love, visiting a place that shows you the Indonesian culture in an awesome way is something you have to do. Of course, there is a place that perfectly meets the description of a place showing you the Indonesian culture in an awesome way. The place is called Galeri Indonesia Kaya and it is located in Jakarta. This place is undeniably one…


4 Must See Hidden Gems of Bali

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For those who are looking for a trip to paradise, they are going to find that Bali fits this wish. There are many activities, sights and historical monuments in and around Bali that every tourist visit. However, for those who are visiting Bali and want to ensure that they are truly getting an experience that they are going to remember forever, then there are several locations they are not going…