How to Book a Fantastic Luxury Hotel Room: The Prudent Shopper’s Checklist

If you happen to be in the midst of planning your next holiday getaway, it’s important to avoid falling into the “truth bias” trap, which refers to the notion that people are inclined to believe what they read, hear, or see regardless of its merits. This axiomatic bias stems from perpetual optimism and indefatigable hopefulness, which are two ideologies that tend to reign supreme when attempting to assess and evaluate various hotel listings, reviews, and testimonials.

Simply stated, people are much more likely to believe that a purported first-hand account is genuine and honest as opposed to deceptive and embellished. But if you peek behind the curtain and dive deep into the behind-the-scenes aspects of today’s hotel aggregators and review sites, you’ll notice a lot of the following:

  • Airbrushed, retouched, and Photoshopped depictions of rooms, suites, and onsite facilities
  • Fake, overstated reviews that contain zero specificity and no personalisation
  • Disingenuous descriptions of surrounding attractions, available transportation solutions, and in-house amenities
  • Countless testimonials created by paid contributors, in-house employees, and other individuals who have their hands in the cookie jar, so to speak

As you might imagine by now, fake online reviews and generic hotel listings have reached a critical mass, which is why even the most seasoned holiday-goers experience trepidation and apprehension when it comes time to find a luxury cruise booking or hotel reservation.

Thus, if you’d like to avoid the stress and strife associated with establishing a viable vacation plan in today’s day and age, the onus is on you to find a reputable luxury travel website that prides itself on demonstrating integrity and veracity through all of its reviews, assessments, and instructive content. The remainder of this brief article will show you how to find such an organisation.

Step One: Ensure a Professional, Experienced “Review Force”

Although it’s nice to read reviews created by ho-hum families and run-of-the-mill travellers, it’s important to note that the most useful and practical testimonials tend to be produced by impartial industry experts, the most notable of which are shown below:

  • Former hospitality advisors
  • Resort consultants
  • Aviation specialists
  • Renowned public relations authorities
  • Cruise counsellors
  • Former resort and hotel sales directors

Make sure that your review website of choice is owned and operated by individuals who have extensive experience with not only facilitating worldly travels but also with forming targeted hospitality sector critiques.

Step Two: Confirm a Widespread Network

Review websites that focus on small hubs and obscure destinations tend to have ulterior motives and clandestine intentions so make sure that the luxury review website that you end up rolling with is able to procure assessments and advice for a multitude of global hotspots such as Germany, France, Dubai, Morocco, Kenya, the Dominican Republic, Thailand, Australia, and more.

Step Three: Only Visit Sites that Offer an Exclusive Membership

Many of today’s review aggregators operate under the guise of quantity over quality, essentially trying to hoard as many clicks and redirects as possible with no concern for authenticity or realism. To avoid these undefined and vague sites, you’ll want to focus solely on the review organisations that offer elite, selective bonus programs:

  • Lucrative e-mail updates
  • Lively online community
  • Real-time chat with other members with photo and video sharing included
  • Live customer assistance
  • Intuitive enquiry portal to help you plan for your next trip


Kathryn Tardif

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