Athens Shopping: TOP-4 Places to Buy What and Where

Athens is not considered to be the world-famous center of style and fashion. This is the main reason why most of tourists do not include shopping into their touristic programs. As practice shows, it is absolutely groundless.

Of course, Athens has no such a wide choice of stylish clothes as Milan, Paris or Tokyo usually has. Nevertheless, Greeks offers a wide choice of hand-made assortment: fur coats, clothes, shoes, furniture, books, musical instruments, souvenirs, and jewelry. There is one more pleasant moment – cheapness. Are you interested? Lo, let’s see what is what!


It sounds strange, but Athens is more than powerful European design center. This is it! Travelling through Athens, all touristic routes start from Ermou Street. You know, even if you did not plan you shopping in this place, all of your routes go to Ermou for any reason.

Ermou Street

Ermou Street has got its name not for nothing. This is the important trade arterial road of the city. As you see, it was named after the Greek god, the trade patron. Ermou deserves your attention by its wide assortment: jumble market, stylish boutiques, antique things, consumer goods. It is not a secret that Ermou was a center of Athens fashionable women: they paid their careful attention to fashion changes.

Now, the most of consumers are tourists. It does not matter how much money you have – go to Ermou Street! You will find everything according to your taste! By the way, speaking about Ermou, you should be advised to visit not only Ermou, but surrounding streets.

Meanwhile, Greeks prefer go shopping somewhere else, in other city districts that are situated apart from the main touristic routs -Kifisia and Kolonaki. Are you tired from admiring the city sights? – Come and see! Probably, locals know what is what much better than tourists!



Kolonaki is a district, situated between Syntagma Square and Lycabettos Mount. This place speaks for itself to be the very heart of the city, so, you can find something special here. Being the most cosmopolitan district of Athens, Kolonaki contains all famous fashion houses. If you do not mind the label, you have a chance to choose clothes for all occasions: wide assortment, high quality and fresh emotions.

If you do not like Greek brands, Kolonaki offers a big number of the leading world-famous brands. What makes your shopping the most pleasant – the series of cozy cafes, restaurants, mixed up with the shops.

Thus, in the local area of Eromou, in the streets of Mitropoleos, Servias, Voukourestiou and others, you can find the wide assortment of fur coats, leather products and jewelry. By the way, looking for the best jewelry, Kolonaki is the right place for this aim.

Plaka and Monastiraki

Plaka and Monastiraki are famous of their souvenir shops. You can find standard set of magnets, T-shirts, post cards, bronze and clay products. The quality of these souvenirs is more than excellent.

Greek-style luxury

As you see, the biggest enjoyment for Greeks is jewelry. The shop windows of such legendary jewelry houses as Kessaris and Ilias Lalaounis are full of intriguing offers. Actually, Greek jewelry differs from the rest of pretty pretties that you can meet in Paris, for example. Oh, do not worry! The jewel stones are clean, but specially decorated. There are many classic jewelry samples – products, materializing the antic ideas into modern life: variety of plaiting, golden and platinum drapery, Byzantine motives.

Admiring the shop windows, (all these shops are situated opposite one another along the central city street Panepistimiou), you should go to Boukourestiou Street. This place is full of the most fashionable boutiques – Louis Vuitton, Tod’s, Longchamp, and Herm’es, Salvatore Ferragamo and Dolce & Gabbana, no less than important.

Shops and boutiques

Athens is a place of trade galleries. They are mostly situated in the center of the city: Attica (Panepistimiou 9), Notos Galleries (Aiolou 99); household galleries: Notos Galleries Home (Kratinou 5, Platia Kotzia), The Athens Mall (Papandreou 35). You cannot miss any of them!

Nevertheless, the most attractive part of Athens shopping is small cozy boutiques, full of clothes and bijouterie, more often, in a unique copy. They are: vintage accessories, art shops, hand-made toys and clothes. Pay attention to Kolonaki – this aristocratic part of the city cannot stop you from surprising. Have you ever heard these names – Boosja (Omirou 56), Le Streghe Son Tornate (Haritos 9), Artwear Dimitriades (Solonos 15)? Never miss any of them!

Greek designers

The clothes and accessories from Athens designers give you a unique opportunity to find something unusual, original. The most famous fashion boutiques in Kolonaki are Angelos Bratis (Studio Avra, Anagnostopoulou 27), Deux Hommes (Kanari 18), Orsalia Partheni (Dimokritou 20 & Tsakalof); clothes shops for teens is Lak (A.Metaxa 24-26), the real shoes and bags paradise is Vassilis Zoulias Old Athens (Kanari 17). You are always welcomed to visit all of them, according to your budget!

Athens is a big city, world-famous center of history and culture. The city is situated on the hills. So, all city districts are in a long distance from one another. Going shopping, you should choose just one shopping district for you shopping tour. Ermou Street, Kolonaki, Plaka are situated in the center – you can combine three of them. For visiting the rest of the city districts, it is better to take the car and spend the whole day for shopping.

Speaking about transport, you can use metro (the ticket costs about 1, 4 EUR). By the way, the stations of blue and red lines are historically interesting. Athens streets are full of taxi. Unlike other European capitals, taxi is a comfortable way of travelling. As a rule, locals use taxi for everyday usage. Your trip from the airport to your hotel costs about 35 EUR. Using taxi in a peak-hourе, you should pay more. Considering that fact that you will go shopping, hiring a car is the best variant for you. Travel with pleasure!

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