9 Ways a Hostel Can Save You Thousands in Travel

Did you know that Hostels can save you a lot of money while traveling?  Let’s face it,  when it comes to travel we’d all like to have the lifestyle of the rich and famous.  However, traveling and saving money seems to be a smarter approach when you don’t have millions to spend.  Here are nine ways staying at a Hostel can really save you thousands.

  1. Cost of average room versus hostel
  2. Hostels are conveniently located near public transportation
  3. Dine in, Everyone bring a dish
  4. Easiest places to rent with multiple people
  5. Look for Museum Free Days for Entertainment
  6. Ask the locals where to dine
  7. Student Cards Give you an Advantage
  8. Rooms with a Kitchen
  9. Ask about vouchers and coupons

The average cost to for a hotel room in the US,  is approximately $140 per night.  Who wants to rent a room for only one night?  If you were to stay at your destination for five nights, you will more than likely spend over $700 for your room alone.  That’s not including food, travel, entertainment etc.  In the USA, hostels are less than $40 per night. This will allow a savings of close to $500 making the trip extremely affordable.

Renting a car for the week will run you close to $150 per day.  Most hostels are located in areas that are close to public transportation.  The cost to ride a bus for the day is $5.   The cost for renting a car could average close to $750 for 5 days.  If you bus it for 5 days then the cost will be around $25.  That’s a savings of $725.  With lodging at a hostel versus a hotel and riding a bus,  your trip has already saved you $1225!

Gather all your fellow travelers together for a night of socializing and sharing a meal.  Have everyone bring a dish and you’ll have a feast making new friends.  Ask management where the best location for this type of party would be and see if they will help promote it to the other guests.  By sharing the expense of the meals with the other lodgers, you sure to save money and still have fun doing so.

Many hostels have dormroom type settings.  Multiple people can help to create a lower price if you speak to the management and ask if there are any discounts for or group rates available.

Almost every major city has a Free Day for their museums and galleries.  Ask around and find out what types of Free Entertainment there is.  You’ll find that  the Hostel Management will have information regarding Free Day.

Ask locals where to eat, that isn’t in the tourist areas.  They will give you the best tips on where to go that isn’t in the heart of all the action.  Ask them if they were dining out,  where do they go.  The response will be welcomed and you will find that the cost of the meals will be less expensive since they aren’t in those highly populated areas.

Find out if there are discounts by using student cards.  Many times there will be establishments that are willing to give you a savings that can really add up.

Ask for a room with a kitchen,  or ask if there are kitchen privileges.  This can often be one of the best ways to save money.  Dining out is a huge expense,  even when it’s fast food.  If you don’t mind preparing your own meals,  you’ll find that this can really be a huge difference in your budget.

Many hostels work closely networking with other businesses in their area.  Those strategic partners will often times give them coupons or vouchers to bring people into their venues.  Groupon is a terrific app that you can download and it’s free.  The best part is that Groupon will save you lots of travel dollars.  This is especially useful when dining out or looking for entertainment.

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