5 Tips to Experience the Fun and Quirky Side New York

There are many things to do in the city that never slips. If you do a quick search online, you will be able to find a dozen of sites that you have to visit while you are in New York. But if you are more of an adventurous spirit, the other side of the New York might interest you more.

Yes, there is a more fun and quirky side of New York. And to experience it, you will have to go to unusual places this city hides from regular tourists. “But what are those places, and where I can find them?” – you might be wondering. This is why we are here.

Here are 5 tips to experience the fun and quirky side New York.

Stay In An Unusual Hotel

If you want to experience a completely new side of New York, you should consider staying away from regular hotels and places listed by the most popular agencies. While these offer great accommodations and food, they are not the most exciting places this city has to offer to its visitors.

You should start by breaking the mold and adding a bit more spice to your travels. What are your other options? Consider staying at some of the cool and unusual hotels in New York. These ventures differ from the “standard” accommodation options in several ways.

First, they put an extra effort into turning your stay in New York into an interesting activity you will remember for the rest of your life. And, secondly, the stay in these hotels is fun and engaging, allowing you to make the most out of your adventure even when you are stationary.

Dine In a Unique Restaurant

After the tips regarding your choice of hotels, we have to offer a few more related to the food you are going to eat in this city. The cuisine is an important part of any trip, and we want to make sure that you remember your stay in New York by great and unusual restaurants. Say goodbye to eating at places reserved for and advertised to tourists.


The unique places that offer delicious food and refreshing beverages can be found all around the Big Apple. For instance, I still remember a pizza that I grabbed on top of the One World Observatory while I waited for the sunset. If you lack inspiration, here is a list of unusual restaurants that you can visit.

Visit the Secluded City Oasis


No, we are not talking about taking a stroll down Central Park, there is nothing quirky about it. The oasis we are referring to is hidden in the metropolis of Manhattan. Are you surprised? Well, who would have guessed that the Financial District offers this kind of pleasure to adventurous tourists?

If you happen to be in Manhattan, we strongly advise you to get a piece of mind in this little green heaven located above the busy city streets. It has a very convenient name as well – The Elevated Acre. This place is not as popular as you might think. From there, you will be able to enjoy the magnificent view on the Brooklyn Bridge, the East River, and Brooklyn.

Spend Some Time In a Hidden Tropical Forest

A tropical forest in the middle of one of the most populated urban areas? You must be kidding me? Nah, one of New York’s office buildings has a small tropical forest growing inside it. The doorway of this building is practically a doorway between the urban and the tropical jungle.

The hidden tropical forest is located on East 43rd Street. Get ready to be amazed by the garden terraces, water pools, dwarf shrubs, and magnolias. This building is open all year round, so you can visit it any time you want.

Please Don’t Tell

Have you ever wondered what the citizens of this city had to do just to enjoy a few sips of whiskey during the prohibition era? Well, you are not late, you can do it even today. The place is called “Please Don’t Tell” and in order to visit it, you will have to go through a hidden door located in a nondescript telephone booth.

But before you do, you will have to make a phone call to make a reservation. Good luck with that! Get ready for the “wrong number” answer and a hang-up. Stay persistent and you will eventually get a table. Don’t worry, it is all part of the adventure.


New York will never lose that special ability to surprise you and allow you to experience it in an engaging and quirky way. These are just some of the hidden treasures of this city. Feel free to continue your search online and discover more tips on how to have fun in the city that never sleeps and organize smarter trips.

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