3 Items Pack for an Adventure in Colorado

An outdoor adventure in Colorado promises unforgettable hikes, rafting on Arkansas River, mountain climbing, hot air ballooning in Steamboat Springs, and fishing beside enchanting scenery on Taylor River. What you will wear when exploring this state depends on the adventures on your list. For example, you need a pair of hiking boots if your itinerary has a hike on it or waterproof clothes for a kayaking adventure.

The temperatures in this state can change rapidly and unexpectedly with elevation and the weather. Therefore, some sections might be warm while others are freezing on a given day. During a day’s adventure, have layers of clothes to counter any unexpected weather change. You must pack quite a number of items as you plan your vacation. Here are three things that must be on your list.

Tank Top

You need a tank top for extra warmth underneath. Some people wear a tank top over a body hugging long sleeved t-shirt. Dressing this way would be great when kayaking or when hiking in the foothills and you want absorbent clothing close to the skin. On the other hand, for sunny days, a tank top with nothing else is enough.

Go for tank tops in darker shades such as navy and black because the outdoors is all about dust and dirt and you do not want stains on your clothing before the adventure even gets started. Horsetooth’d has a variety of tank tops. Its unisex tank top has a round neck and short sleeves so you can wear it underneath other items of clothing inconspicuously. The side seams prevent it from running. Additionally, it is made of cotton and poly for absorption and warmth without chafing when it gets moist from sweating.


T-shirts look great on both men and women, and it can go over a tank top perfectly as the second layer of clothing. You can wear a tee under a zip hoodie during cooler days when there’s no need for a winter jacket. In addition, it’s a smart idea to have an extra t-shirt in your backpack too just in case you get wet while outdoors. T-shirts don’t take up a lot of space so you can have a few of them when packing for a vacation in Colorado.


When the weather is fair and there are no thunderstorms, you only need a hoodie when hiking. A hoodie with pockets is good for chilly mornings and evenings so you can slide your hands in for warmth. The hood will cover your head from the cold or during light showers.

Hoodies won’t take much space in your suitcase so you can have a few of them if your adventure is a couple of weeks long. There are different designs such as a hoodie with a zipper or with a kangaroo pocket. Soemthing that will fit your own personal style.

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