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June 23, 2016


Visiting Thailand in Style

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Thailand is a country nestled in South East Asia. It comes with rich natural resources making it a premier tourist destination. Aside from its natural wonders, the country also boasts cultural attractions that tell the majestic history of the country as well as a wide array of mouthwatering cuisine that only Thai natives can provide. Though you can visit Thailand with a small budget, vacationing in style is also a…


Top 5 Beach Getaways in 2016

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Getaway from the buzzing traffic and noise of city life and delight in grand views, cool sea waters and soothing beaches this 2016. There are numerous beaches spread all over the world that you can indulge in. But there are only handfuls which allow you to have that relaxing getaway you always dreamed of. If you are planning to get that perfect tan while at the same time enjoy intimate…