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April 2016


How to Select The Best-Fitting Sailboat for Your Holiday

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Fascinated by the world of sailing? Check. Invested in a skipper training? Check. Ready to book your first yacht charter trip on the Adriatic? Check. Ready to select your boat? As a conscious consumer, you will likely prefer a charter company that offers a wide selection of boats. But, we all know that the sheer amount of available vessels can be intimidating. Don’t let that set you back! Here’s an…

Flotilla Sailing Adventure In Croatia

How To Enjoy A Flotilla Sailing Adventure In Croatia

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A unique experience happens when you get on board a chartered boat – whether it’s a delicate movement, the commotion of water splashing beside its hull, the sailing masts ringing tenderly on the pole, the opportunity to go wherever and whenever you want, or a calming security that a Flotilla Sailing offers, it is indeed an extraordinary adventure that you can plan in advance with your family and friends. And…